About Us

ALB limited is constituted as a not-for-profit incorporated company limited by guarantee on the 22nd May 2009 and in line with its memorandum of Association and Articles, it has a new registration no.1141933 as a charitable company.

ALB was officially established in December 2001 as a community organisation to advance Education and to preserve and protect human health in the UK and Africa and to relieve the needs of Africans living the UK in particular, but not by the way of limitation by providing Information, Advice and Advocacy. The early years saw the development of a number of services and activities: we expanded our ALB’s advice services and today ALB’s provision covers the areas of welfare rights, immigration, housing, education, debt management, employment and training. In the last 9 years we have expanded our education and training programme and today this provision covers work with children and adults supporting their learning needs and access to employment market.