Debt Advice

We provide debt advice at specialist level and this includes representing to the County Court if necessary. We cover the areas mentioned below.

  • Consolidation
    • Replace multiple loan and credit card payments with a single monthly payment
    • Reduce your overall monthly commitments
    • Reduce rates on high interest credit cards, store cards, overdrafts or loans
    • Easier to manage – one affordable monthly payment
    • Reduce your payments without affecting credit rating
    • Fixed term – knowing exactly when your debts will be repaid
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement
    • Only pay back the debts you can afford
    • Prevent or stop legal action - including bankruptcy
    • Benefit from government legislation that helps clear debts
    • Pay back an agreed, fixed amount each month within a fixed period (normally 60 months)
    • Get total protection from all of your creditors
    • Freeze Interest and Charges
  • How to achieve the above statements?

    If you’re struggling with debts of £15,000 or over and feel that your debts are out of control, an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement) could be the solution. Backed by Government legislation, an IVA offers full protection from your creditors, while you pay off your debts with one lower affordable monthly payment over a fixed period. At the end of the period, any remaining outstanding debt will be written off An IVA can help even if you have been refused credit in the past.

  • Debt Management
    • Stop Demands from your Creditors
    • Regain Control of your Finances
    • One single affordable monthly payment
    • Help reduce or freeze Interest and Charges
    • Take control of your debts without a loan